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Whole Means Healthy

June 17, 2008

Hello.  I want to begin by saying that this blog is intended to link teaching to everyday things, to daily topics and to local or even international issues.  I am not a great admirer of those who learned nothing in the classroom nor of those who are stuck in it. 

Wholeness and whole are classroom material that clearly express the meaning of holiness and holy.  If you want to research this topic, you can check out:  That was written to fill the teaching need in our lives. 

Healthy and unbroken are the everyday stuff of life that must be addressed, if we are going to make a difference in this world.  As only one example, Martin Luther was saved through the teaching of the righteousness of God in Christ, but he delivered a deathblow to the world the way it was by addressing everyday and eternal acceptance topics like indulgences.  This everyday stuff is what eventually lit the fires of world transformation! 

My desire is to see the world transformed once again through the renewing of our minds and the transforming of our lives (Romans 12:1-3).  May God make changes in our day like what He has done before.  God’s blessings on your day. 

In Christ,

Pastor Jon