Whole Means Healthy Without Giving In

Whole means healthy has a tremendous number of implications.  One of the greatest problems for many of us is that without a focus on being whole, we feel a great deal of insecurity.  The word for healthy in the Bible is also translated as sound.  We lack security and soundness, because we have placed so little attention on what creates that security in our personalities.

I have found that knowing that holy means whole and that whole means healthy through their close relationship have made me a far more secure person.  My only frustration is that the habits of insecurity don’t die easily. 

Insecurity in our personalities draws into our lives those who are abusive and negative.  I have seen plenty of that in my own life.  Unfortunately, not all of that trait of being insecure has gone away.  Yet what I have noticed, since growing in my own understanding (standing under) of being whole is that fewer abusive people are a part of my life.   My prayer for you is that you could experience the same thing.   I have not found any way that works better than this one to remove insecurity effectively. 

I have experienced unsound negative criticism in my lifetime, but that is the stuff of those unwilling to enter into negotiating and understanding (standing under).  The really great people in this world are able to negotiate in a healthy way about things they don’t understand and they are able to grow in understanding.   I hope you will take this to heart, if you are one of those who tends to give in under harsh and unsound criticism. 

I am very confident that the next great revival or reformation will have at its core the twin ideas of holy means whole and whole means healthy.  I am more than willing to negotiate with those who disagree.  Yet it is high time to not give in to unhealthy or unsound criticism.   It is great to feel secure in saying that, because I know the foundations for being healthy and sound.  I pray that you will discover the same sense of security. 

In Christ,



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